James Nyoraku Schlefer is a leading performer and teacher of shakuhachi in New York City. In addition to performing and lecturing on traditional Japanese shakuhachi music, Schlefer performs modern music for the instrument and is an active composer. He has appeared at Lincoln Center, The Kennedy Center, Tanglewood, the Metropolitan, Brooklyn and Philadelphia Museums, & the Joyce Theater. Schlefer has three solo recordings, Wind Heart (which was aboard the Space Station MIR for over one year) Solstice Spirit, and Flare Up , and his music was featured on NPR's All Things Considered. He received the Dai-Shi-Han (Grand Master) certificate from Ronnie Seldin, and he has worked with Aoki Reibo, Yokoyama Katsuya, Yoshio Kurahashi, Yoshinobu Tanighcui, and Mitsuhashi Kifu among others. Mr. Schlefer holds a Master's degree in flute & musicology from Queens College and teaches college courses in Classical Music, World Music and Jazz. For more information, his website

Below are sample recordings of James Nyoraku Schlefer performing.


Cave of Bodhidharma