Arts at Tenri presents

Senzoku Gakuen Ensemble
from Tokyo

Thursday, February 26, 2009, 8:30 pm

In their first US tour, the Senzoku Gakuen Ensemble from Tokyo presents a concert of chamber music for traditional Japanese instruments. The eight-member troupe performs on the Koto, Japanese harp, Shamisen, 3-string lute, and Shakuhachi, bamboo flute. Classic chamber music from Japan’s Edo period as well as contemporary music and a world premiere will be heard.

Kiyomi Ishigaki, Koto
Yoko Kimura, Shamisen

Special Guest
Ralph Samuelson, Shakuhachi


THREE PARAPHRASES – Koto Duet composed by Tadao Sawai
AKITA SUGAGAKI - Traditional Shakuhachi Duet
Shun Kyou (Spring Flavor) - Shamisen Duo Seihou Kineya
MATSU-KAZE - Traditional Piece for Two Kotos, Shamisen and Shakuhachi
TORI NO YOUNI (‘Flying Like a Bird’) - Koto solo by Tadao Sawai
JOJO-RENGA - Four Kotos, Four Shamisens, and Shakuhachi by Masahiro Satoh

The Place
Tenri Cultural Institute
43A West 13th Street, New York, NY
(212) 645-2800


25 general, 20 students/seniors