Special Event!!!!

Pro Musica Nipponia! Japan's premiere ensemble of traditional and contemporary music for Japanese Instruments. Hiromu Motonaga, shakuhachi, Hiroshi Hozumi, shamisen, Keiko Hisamoto, koto, Special Guest: Sean Yung-Hsiang Wang, violin


Yachiyo Jishi Traditional - shakuhachi, shamisen and koto Shadows (2007)
Yoko Sato (b. 1971) - shakuhachi and shamisen
MidareRinzetsu Yatsuhashi Kenjy (1614-1685) - koto
Crosscurrents (2016) Takuma Itoh (b. 1984) - shamisen and violin
Aki no Kyoku (Autumn Fantasy)(1980) Minoru Miki (1930-2011) - shakuhachi & koto
Circles of Light (2016) Thomas Osborne (b. 1978) - shakuhachi, 21-string koto and violin
Makuai Sanjuu Traditional - shamisen Tracing Theseus (2016)
Michael-Thomas Foumai (b. 1987) - koto and violin Hidden Ponds (2010)
E. Takeo Kudo (b. 1942) - 21-string koto
Tsuro no Sugomori Traditional - shakuhachi
Bend (2006) Donald Reid Womack (b. 1966) - shakuhachi, shamisen and 21-string koto



A Series of Chamber Music Concerts from Two Classical Traditions, Europe and Japan


Arts at Tenri invites you to enjoy chamber music in an ideal setting. Explore the sounds and music of both East and West in an intimate setting with excellent acoustics and accessible ticket prices. Conveniently located near Union Square on 13th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.

Arts at Tenri offers a unique opportunity to experience two traditions on the same series. Just as European palaces in the 18th and 19th centuries had their court musicians, so too did the Japanese Imperial courts. Today, the music from both of these traditions continues to enchant, and Arts at Tenri offers the best of each.